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Special Needs Support Groups


1)  Dyslexia Parent Support Group

This group was established 6 years ago with the principle aim of putting parents of dyslexic children in touch with one another. We meet monthly during term time either for an informal coffee morning or a chance to listen to a guest speaker. The meetings provide an ideal opportunity to exchange information, share ideas, and share your anxieties and successes with each other. During the year we invite several guest speakers along, all of whom have a professional interest in dyslexia. (e.g. Educational Psychologist, Dyslexia Specialist, Speech Therapist)

The second aim was to be a central source of information about which resources are available for dyslexic children locally. As such, I am always happy to hear from qualified professionals who can offer help and support to dyslexics.

The group is a friendly, internationally represented group of parents, with the majority of their children being educated in English, with a few English speaking parents whose children attend a Dutch school and some Dutch families who have had expat lives themselves.

Everyone is welcome to contact me either for information or to join the group and attend meetings. There is no charge although occasionally there is a small fee to pay for a guest speaker.

Group Coordinator: Debra Lambert
Tel: 071 8891552

2)  The Autism Association for Overseas Families

Are you an expatriate family, living in The Netherlands or considering moving to The Netherlands? Do you have a child with an autistic spectrum disorder?

Do you want to make links with other families who have children with autistic spectrum disorders?

Then this may be for you, whether you are new to the Netherlands or have been here for sometime already…. We host informal coffee mornings for parents in The Hague.

Any further inquries about AAOF and its activities, please contact Veronique at or visit their website

3)  ADHD Support Group

The ADHD Support Group has been set up to connect international parents and carers of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or with children where ADD/ADHD may be considered but not yet diagnosed.

Group Coordinator: Lisa Medved, email:

4)  Gretchen Loy

Paediatric Occupational Therapist  – Sensory Processing and Sensory Motor Disorders 062 5017306, working at the Kinder Therapie Centrum, Wassenaar, van Halstraat 2,

5)  Lighthouse Special Education

Lighthouse Special Education, Amalia van Solmsstraat 155 2595 TA The Hague  070 33 55 698 and visit