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Passionate Parenting Corporate Services


corporateservicesAre your working parents coping with their parenting pressures? Many are raising bilingual children, they are families in global transition and also need to organise a home, a Dutch will & testament….  Living abroad compounds the inherent challenges of parenting.


Raising children can be one of life’s most rewarding activities, yet it can be chaotic and stressful. Passionate Parenting Corporate Services offers companies a selection of in-house presentations that best suit your international workforce needs.

We offer:

  • corporateservices2Tailor made programmes and bespoke seminars / workshops
  • Highly qualified educators who will share their expertise and experience
  • Support to your employees with families as they settle and live in The Netherlands
  • A highly professional and personal service


Lunch-time Seminars on Expat Life

Passionate Parenting Corporate Services will provide lunch-time seminars at your office, providing experts who will deliver presentations on the essential information and assistance parents need to make informed choices upon arriving and living in the Netherlands. We believe parent education is key to raising children and building strong families and communities.

Topics Include:

One Language or Two: Exploring Child Biligualism, Wills and Testaments for International Families, Families in Global Transition & Expat Kids, Child Care and Education Options, Children’s Activities: Finding Home Abroad, First Aid & CPR, Raising Confident Children, Nutrition, Discipline & Difficult behaviour, Fathers: Absent or Present, their role in raising children and more.


Passionate Parenting Packages

If your company has a group of new employees with families transferring to the Netherlands at the same time, we offer a half/full-day series with three or four seminars tailor-made to meet the needs of your international workforce and their spouses.
Suggested topics: 1, 2, 3, 4 and/or 5.

Companies can choose to have a quarterly, or monthly on-going series of seminars. This option, with short one hour presentations at lunch time, is particularly attractive for companies with a significant number of expat parents who want to know more about parenting and life with children in the Netherlands.
Suggested topics: 1 – 7


Popular Expat Parenting Topics:

Raising Bilingual Children
Our expert Linguist offers a comprehensive and practical lecture on how to raise bilingual children, a “must” in the Netherlands. This talk will answer many worrisome language questions for multi-cultural parents considering child care and education for their international children.

Death and Family Testaments in NL
Every expat parent should have a Dutch will to avoid legal or tax-related problems, should the unthinkable happen. If you die while resident in the Netherlands, your entire estate will be subject to Dutch inheritance tax, no matter where your assets are. The courts will take custody of your children. Our international family law specialist will give parents need-to-know information to get it done quickly and painlessly.

Expat Kids & Global Nomad Families
A lecture touching on issues such as the “trauma” of leaving a country, cross-cultural childhoods, the grieving process, issues of self-esteem and identity. Our Psychologist will talk parents through the transition process and advise them on how to help their “third culture kids” adjust.

The Dutch Health Care system
The conservative and non-interventionalist approach of the Dutch medical and maternity care has been a great source of concern to many expats. A comprehensive talk by our qualified localised expat will elude to “expat privileges” and new support systems to reassure parents with “inside” information.



  • corporateservices4Staff appreciation and increased employee engagement
  • Informed and better equipped parents, feeling happier in Holland
  • Value for money

Since 2005, Passionate Parenting has been the market leader in parenting education in The Hague.

We’ve brought on-board the most qualified educators in a wide variety of fields to provide a dynamic and ever-changing series of seminars and workshops covering diverse areas of interest. We’ve also taken on the mandate of assisting expat parents in navigating their way through parenting in a foreign country, with its inherent rewards and challenges.

Companies like Shell, the European Patent Office and the ESA/ESTEC have used Passionate Parenting Corporate Services.

For more information on Passionate Parenting Corporate Service for working parents, their spouses and families, please complete the course request form.