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About Passionate Parenting


The services of Passionate Parenting are designed to equip and encourage all parents. With our specialist services, we hope to bring more pleasure and confidence to your parenting.

Passionate Parenting aims to:

  • Provide useful information about local resources to international and local parents raising children in and around The Hague

During the popular parent education seminars and workshops, Passionate Parenting’s guest speaker will share their knowledge in their area of expertise. After registration, coffee, welcome and introductions, there is a 90 minute power point presentation which is usually an interactive session. This is followed by 30 minutes of Q & A. Parents have the chance to hear the expert, face to face, and have their questions answered, while learning from other parents’ experiences and making new acquaintences.

There are parenting books, websites and magazines, but nothing is as real and as valuable as listening, learning and interacting with local experienced professionals in parenting.

Passionate Parenting is set-up to benefit:

The Parents: Most expatriate families do not have great support systems (mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins) to help them during these challenging and rewarding child-rearing years. These workshops are a good opportunity to improve parenting skills as well as an opportunity to share experiences and make new friends.

The Children: With better “equipped” parents, children will automatically benefit from the new parenting skills. We believe happy children often equal happy parents!